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OECD: the transcript points to world domination

Всем, кто интересуется тенденциями в мировой The economy is certainly aware of the existence of such an authoritative organization as the OECD. The decoding of this abbreviation states that it is the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. This structure has been around for quite a long time, and over time its influence only increases.

Globalization of the world economy

Economic development of countries and territoriesisolated has never been. But the degree of dependence of the economy of different countries from each other in different epochs was far from the same. In the process of development, interdependence increased and gradually reached a new level. One of the dominant trends in world development at the beginning of the third millennium is the process of so-called "globalization worldwide." It is expressed in the fact that the economy of all developed countries cannot exist and develop separately from the world political and economic realities. This fact was recognized as early as the mid-twentieth century, when the Organization for European Economic Cooperation was established in 1948. This structure was the immediate predecessor of the modern OECD. Decryption of the name of the organization was changed in the sixties. This reflected the geographical expansion of the framework of the structure from the European continent to the entire world economic space.

OECD transcript

Goals and objectives of the organization

Neither economic nor politicalThe Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development does not have authority. Its goals and objectives are not in direct decision making, but in influencing their adoption. The functions and program tasks of many international structures are indicated in their official names. An exception is not the OECD. Decoding the name of this organization gives an idea of ​​the scope of the efforts of this supranational structure. The OECD carries out functions of coordinating the actions of interested parties in the direction of economic development and creating the most comfortable climate for business. The most important activities of the organization are the unification of technical and tax standards, bringing national legal systems to a form that eliminates contradictions with other countries in a single economic development space. Work is underway to counter corruption.

OECD countries

OECD expansion

We often hear about OECD claims forworld domination. There are certain reasons for such statements. The organization today includes 34 countries, including most of the states of the European Union. OECD countries account for about sixty percent of global industrial production. But this only says that it is simply impossible to live in the modern technological world and be isolated from it. Many countries cooperate with the OECD in a variety of areas, not being members. Expansion of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is limited by strict standards that countries must apply for full membership. The OECD list of expansion includes such significant countries with intensively developing economies as Brazil, India, China, Indonesia and South Africa.

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OECD and Russian Federation

The OECD’s relations with Russia are not easy.Over the years, the Russian Federation has declared a course for integration into this international structure. A significant step in this direction was the entry of Russia into the World Trade Organization. But in March 2014, the process of Russia's integration into the OECD was suspended for an indefinite period. The reason for this was mainly economic sanctions against the background of the Ukrainian crisis. But the increased anti-Western rhetoric in the Russian ruling circles also matters. Many in Russia cast doubt on the very need for the country's integration into this international structure. Anti-globalization conservative tendencies are becoming more pronounced in many countries and regions of the world. Russia in this regard is no exception.

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Globalization perspectives

In the incomplete seven decades of its existenceThe OECD, whose deciphering of the name indicates claims to global influence, has managed to become a very authoritative structure. At the beginning of the third millennium, it opened up new perspectives and areas of activity in the field of coordinating economic development and the world division of labor. The global production of wealth in the twenty-first century is increasingly shifting to the region of Southeast Asia. And the OECD organization has a coordinating role in this process. It contributes to a balanced accounting of the legitimate interests of the owners of intellectual property rights on high-tech products and those who produce these products.