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The commercial director is ... Director of Commercial Affairs. Position "commercial director"

In every developing company, a moment comeswhen you just need to expand the staff and reallocate responsibilities. It is then that the company's deputy directors appear on various issues. These are people responsible for supply, production, advertising and promotion, as well as finance. A commercial director is practically the second person in the company after the CEO. He has his duties, tasks and rights. A commercial director must possess specific personal qualities and working skills. What kind of person is he, what exactly is he doing and how to correctly form a resume in a good company?

What is a commercial director?

Director commercial it
The field of finance is quite broad, so each applicant must clearly represent the essence of the chosen profession, the range of duties and responsibilities.

So, a commercial director is a specialist,which is directly involved in various trading operations and their support. In this case, a complete list of responsibilities depends solely on the specifics of the enterprise and its size. But one can definitely say that it is thanks to the commercial director that the company makes a profit, determines the course and pace of development.

Такой сотрудник руководит не только закупками и sales of products, but also marketing and logistics departments. The commercial director also forms and maintains contacts with large and key clients of the company and is responsible for concluding particularly lucrative deals.

In general, we can say that this is a key figure in the structure of any company. That is why the requirements for the applicant are pretty high and tough.

Place of commercial director in the organizational structure of the company

Very often this position is confused with the head.sales department. But a business manager has a clearly defined place in the management hierarchy. Thanks to this distribution of responsibilities, the company works like a clock.

Должность коммерческий директор принадлежит ко the second level of management. This is the next step after the director. At the same time, a financial deputy is appointed, and also removed from office solely by the general manager of the company.

For all business issues commercial directorreports and reports directly to the director. These are issues of operational management, disciplinary responsibility, trade and money turnover and financial planning. At the same time, he is personally responsible for the safety of various material assets and signs the corresponding agreement with the management.

If the main financier is not at workdue to illness, business trip or vacation, another company employee is appointed by a separate order of the head. Deputy Commercial Director has the same rights and obligations that he receives for a certain time. He is also liable.

What does a commercial director?

Job Description: Commercial Director
To choose the right place in the company,you need to clearly understand what tasks and goals you face. This will allow you to more efficiently and rationally distribute your time and effort. In addition, this fact is valuable for both the applicant and the employer. After all, having outlined the terms of reference and tasks, we can safely demand specific results from the employee. You can also constantly monitor the effectiveness of its activities.

The only thing that pays special attention,This is the company's revenue. The commercial director of a company must constantly monitor the situation and take prompt measures while reducing this indicator. To this end, he can request any commercial documents from other departments, as well as coordinate actions with other heads of departments.

This indispensable employee may representfinancial interests of the company in relations with various institutions and government agencies. In this case, he is the face of the company and has all the authority to resolve any problems that arise.

Main responsibilities

A commercial director is a person for whomimposed enormous powers and responsibilities. Accordingly, he must fully comply with all the requirements of the director of the company, develop and expand commercial ties, and adhere to the existing business plan.

In this regard, he has the following duties:

  • Monitoring and coordinating the development of standardsquality and storage of products or services, as well as their quantity. It is the commercial director who determines the final cost of the goods, their assortment and volumes of output.
  • Coordination of the development and implementation of the marketing strategy of the enterprise. This guide directly affects the future financial well-being of the company.
  • Responsible for the training and staff development, to monitor the work of employees.
  • Monitor the timely preparation of reporting documents, and also provide them to the management on time. In addition, the tasks of the commercial director include sighting all financial papers.
  • Monitor the implementation of the overall business plan, as well as the budget of the enterprise. Ensure the timeliness and completeness of salary payments.

Position Commercial Director
In addition to these requirements, each company has the rightintroduce your remit for a commercial director. It all depends on the size, the specifics of the enterprise and the management structure. In Russian companies, the specific wishes of the founders may also affect the completeness of official duties.

The main qualities that a professional should possess

Commercial Director - a very difficult positionrequiring from an employee not only appropriate working skills, but also certain personal qualities. And it is caused not only by personal sympathies and preferences, but rather, by the peculiarity of the selected post.

So let's start with professional skills and abilities. Most companies impose the following criteria on the applicant, which must be specified in the resume by the commercial director:

  • Ability to work and knowledge of the specific market in which the company operates.
  • The ability to form and control existing and proposed distribution channels.
  • Focus on the marketing system to effectively implement various advertising projects.
  • The ability to communicate with VIP clients, sign contracts for large transactions.
  • Fluency in English for communication and work with documents.

If we talk about the personal qualities of the candidate,here the requirements of the employer are quite standard. Like in many other positions, the future commercial director must be goal-oriented and stress-resistant, sociable and charismatic. He is obliged to be a leader, to interact effectively with the staff and any audience. Performance and non-conflict are also particularly appreciated.

In which companies is this position used

Deputy Commercial Director
Now the labor market can be found quitea large number of vacancies in the place of commercial director. Their peculiarity is that such ads can hang long enough. There are several objective reasons for this: firstly, the employer conducts a rather strict and careful selection of candidates, and, secondly, the newly hired employees do not withstand the entire volume of official duties and the rhythm of work.

Подход к поиску финансиста и требования о его knowledge and skills are significantly different from Western and domestic companies. Here one should take into account the mentality and history of business development in Russia and abroad.

In domestic companies, the position of commercialDirector appears due to the expansion of the enterprise or the restructuring of the management structure due to its inefficient activity. Therefore, the requirements for candidates are very blurred. Here, a commercial director is a universal, trained and experienced specialist who is able to quickly deal with the problems that have accumulated over the years.

In Western companies, the functionality and requirements forjob seekers have long been clearly identified. Therefore, it is much easier for an applicant to navigate what exactly he is responsible for, what are his main tasks and responsibilities. In addition, attention is paid to professionalism, and not to subjective sympathies.

Commercial Director

Salary Level and Basic Candidate Requirements

What can the future commercialDirector in compensation for their hard work? After all, the job description of the commercial director provides a fairly wide range of responsibilities and a great responsibility.

It is worth noting that the salary will be directlydepend on the size of the company and even on its location. For example, the highest salary at the commercial director is observed in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Here an employee can count on a monthly income of 80,000 rubles. The farther from the capital, the lower will be the reward.

In addition, to the increased salary impose andincreased requirements: experience in the relevant positions from 3 years, passing various courses and trainings on sales, experience in financial planning and conducting effective negotiations. MBA and knowledge of English are also welcome.

Moreover, the average age of the future commercialDirector is about 40 years old. Most often these are men with higher specialized education. In addition, each candidate should have good recommendations from a previous job.

Also, the employer may submit andspecific requirements for the applicant. For example, this is ownership of motor vehicles, consent to fulfillment of duties during off-hours, the presence of certain diplomas, etc.

Making a commercial director to work

Order on the appointment of a commercial director
This issue in each company is solved incompliance with the staffing and existing legislation. Pre-candidacy agreed with the owners of the company. If there is no opportunity to find a professional employee on the side, most often the chief accountant of the company is appointed to this position. This person has all the necessary knowledge and skills for this position. In this case, a corresponding entry is made on the transfer in the workbook.

The order for the appointment of a commercial director is signed personally by the CEO or head of the enterprise. In the same way and dismissed the employee from this position.

Due to the fact that the newly adopted personthere is a huge responsibility, it is advisable to conclude an employment contract with him. In it, as in the job description, all the rights and obligations of the future commercial director are indicated. The clause on confidentiality and non-disclosure, liability and conditions for early termination of an existing contract is also written here.

However, in any case, the personnel department makes a corresponding entry in the workbook on the time of acceptance and the number of the order.

Job description for commercial director

In the structure of the enterprise, a special manual is drawn up for each employee, in which all aspects of the activity and the nuances of the post are indicated.

Job description of the commercial director contains the following items:

  1. General provisions. Here, as a rule, the basic definitions and terms, the requirements for professional and personal qualities and the basic rules for working in an enterprise are deciphered.
  2. Employee Responsibilities At this point, all the points for which the commercial director is responsible are clearly stated.
  3. The rights. This section indicates the capabilities and powers of the employee.
  4. A responsibility. This item is especially important because contains information about the obligations of the commercial director to the company and legislation.

Also in this document may specify the working conditions, requirements for the employee and other items at the discretion of the company management. For noncompliance with the job description, an employee may be dismissed.

Commercial Director

How and by what indicators is the work of a commercial director evaluated?

Сейчас в любой компании одним из главных employee performance is its performance, i.e. that he brought useful and what benefits it turned out. Or it may be the value of the final profit received by the company for the period of work of the person. This is a very important indicator, since it can subsequently directly affect the amount of wages and recommendations.

Most commercial directors are rated according to the following criteria:

  1. Accurate implementation of its own job description. It evaluates compliance with each clause.
  2. High level of discipline and subordination. The commercial director must be a highly organized and responsible person, because he has the present and future well-being of the company.
  3. Execution of the existing business plan of the company.Work of the company together with financial indicators is carefully and accurately calculated. If any item is not executed on time, it can quite negatively affect its future.

We make the correct and informative summary

Работодатель не может знать об уникальных personal qualities, skills, experience and other nuances of the personality of the future employee. Therefore, any applicant should be able to correctly compose their resume. After all, it depends on whether they take him to the team.

So, in the resume, the commercial director should indicate:

  1. Personal data (date of birth, place of residence or residence, etc.).
  2. Education (higher education institutions and all courses).
  3. Work experience (name of enterprises, position and responsibilities).
  4. Professional skills and abilities (the item must represent a competitive advantage).
  5. Additional information (knowledge of programs and languages).

In addition, there are some tips for filling out a resume:

  1. More specific information and numbers in the description of professional achievements.
  2. It is better to indicate the scope of the companies in which you worked previously.
  3. Look at your resume through the eyes of an employer.