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Painting discs with your own hands - it's easy

Wheel discs eventually lose theirbeauty that they had on store stands. During operation, they inevitably show traces of stone shocks and corrosion, various scratches that spoil their overall appearance. But in most cases, such defects focus only on the upper protective layers. Therefore, they can return the old look, and this requires painting the discs. Almost everyone can perform this kind of work with their own hands.

disc painting by one's own hands

To perform this type of work on your own, you will need:

- Warm water and laundry soap;

- primer;

- metal brush;

- hatchet, knife or flat screwdriver;

- solvent or acetone;

- sandpaper:

- paint;

- lacquer.

Stages of painting discs

Painting wheel rims - this is a fairly long event. So you need to be patient. And all the work on coloring can be divided into several separate stages.

Rough cleaning

First you need to clean the discs from dirt,pieces of rust and old paint. Initially, tear off the top layers of contamination with a screwdriver or a small hatchet. Or another tool, with which it will be most convenient to do the work.

Soft cleaning

Next, clean the rims from smallthe remains of the old paint. This work can be done manually using sandpaper, or with a grinder with an emery wheel. The result should be a wheel disc without traces of the old paint.

Flushing discs

disc painting by one's own hands
After the previous stages of work on the disksa lot of fine dust, which must be carefully removed. If you do not do this, then painting the discs with your own hands will be substandard and short-lived. To wash off residual dirt it is best to use warm water with laundry soap, then rinse several times with plain warm water and dry it.


Clean and dry disks must be processedpriming solution. This is to ensure that the surface has good adhesion to paintwork. But before you begin the priming process, you need to degrease the surface of the discs. For this purpose, acetone or White Spirit is suitable. The process of priming itself is carried out in several stages: one layer of mortar is applied, after 10 minutes a second coat is applied, then a third. And, if during the priming a drop is formed on the surface, then it should be removed with fine-grained sandpaper. After applying all the layers, the discs are dried for a period of time set by the soil manufacturer to ensure the best color.

painting of wheel disks

Painting discs with your own hands at this stageis the application of paint on the primed surface. The principle of application does not differ from the application of the primer. The only thing that should be paid attention is compliance with safety rules, which are indicated on the container with paint. After application of the last layer of paintwork, the discs are left at normal room temperature in a well-ventilated area until completely dry. This is necessary for high-quality adhesion of the paint and primed surface.

powder painting of discs
Can also be painted on discspowder paint, but here are their nuances that are inherent only in this method of staining. In addition, this method is almost impossible to implement without the availability of appropriate equipment.


The last step should be applied to the paintedand the dried surface of the varnish. This operation is necessary in order to create a protective layer for the paint, as well as, depending on the type of varnish, glossiness. After applying the varnish, it must be allowed to dry completely in accordance with the instructions for use.

All! Painting the discs with your own hands is over. And, apparently, this operation is not particularly costly either financially or physically, except for time.