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Motorcycle "Minsk C4 250": technical characteristics, reviews

The domestic motorcycle "Minsk C4 250" refers togroup of everyday two-wheeled vehicles, on which you can navigate the city, motorways and rural areas. The unit has completely reliable control, is equipped with a five-speed transmission and an informative steering wheel. The bike is equipped with a four-stroke engine with a power of 19 horsepower, which provides a fairly fast acceleration and dynamic driving. The power unit has atmospheric cooling, the instrument panel shows all the information necessary for the driver, facilitating the driving of the technique in question. We study the characteristics and features of the model, as well as reviews about it.

Motorcycle Minsk c4 250


Motorcycle "Minsk C4 250" is equipped with modernhead light element, which is combined with the overall design of the equipment, provides good visibility at night. For safety, the front and rear disc brakes guarantee a quick stop, even if the driver is the driver.

The designers have created the machine under consideration withdry weight of 149 kg. This does not create problems in the movement, the low center of gravity provides convenient access to corners, and landing makes the unit convenient for low-growth motorcyclists. Despite the good maneuverability, this bike is not designed for aggressive driving style. The main purpose of a two-wheeled vehicle is a measured movement at a rate of no more than 110 km / h. At the same time, the Minsk C4 250 motorcycle gives a power of 19 Nm, which neutralizes the weight of the unit, allowing it to steadily stick to different types of soil. A spacious 16 liter fuel tank guarantees a good reserve of movement without refueling.

Power unit

The technique is equipped with a motor withvolume of 249 cu. cm and a capacity of 19 "horses". The engine aggregates with a five-speed manual transmission, cooling - atmospheric. On new copies, there is often a problem with the inclusion of the first speed. Over time, it leaves, after the development of the switch leg. The engine pulls well from the start, but at a speed of 90 km / h further acceleration becomes very problematic and tangible physically.

Minsk c4 250 price

Minsk C4 250: specifications

Below are the technical plan indicators:

  • The issue is 2010.
  • The power unit is a four-stroke engine with one cylinder (volume - 249 cubic cm, power - 19 hp).
  • The deflection is 8000 rotations per minute.
  • Compression is 18.8.
  • Fuel injection - carburetor system.
  • Cooling - air.
  • The working drive is a chain drive.
  • The front suspension is a telescopic fork.
  • Rear suspension - pendulum unit with shock absorber.
  • The brake system is fully dual-disk with hydraulics.
  • The fuel consumption is 4.5 l / 100 km.
  • Length / width / height - 2.04 / 0.79 / 1.05 m.
  • Weight - 149 kg.
  • The high-speed threshold is 110 km / h.

Model "Minsk C4 250", the price of which is veryacceptable to most consumers, is mainly targeted at people who do not strive for transcendental speed and aggressive driving. In the rest the car has quite adequately shown itself in many aspects.


As the tests show, the bike in questionis quite competitive in its segment. Part of the technique is copied from the analog Loncin. However, the motorcycle "Minsk C4 250" is more aggressive, although it has a small engine capacity. Among the advantages of technology: sustained proportional dimensions, comfortable fit.

The dashboard does not shine with innovationbut has all the necessary data on the status of important nodes, including the indicator of the current transmission. The car was not originally designed for ring racing and harassing exploitation. Accordingly, if it is appropriate to treat it, it will serve reliably for many years.

Minsk s4 250 technical characteristics

Motorcycle "Minsk C4 250": price and reviews

This technique is mainly designed for driving around the city. This is evidenced by the following elements:

  • low and wide seat;
  • asphalt tires;
  • soft cushioning system;
  • direct landing.

The price of the model varies within 200 thousand rubles.

Domestic bike "Minsk C4 250" reviews received mostly positive. Among the pluses, the owners note the following points:

  • informative dashboard;
  • good design;
  • original additional details (mirrors of the beautiful form, optics, a rudder);
  • moderately bright, but attracting attention coloring;
  • maintainability;
  • affordable price.

Among the shortcomings noted the following:

  • not very modern muffler;
  • rear reflectors, which does not play a practical role;
  • inconvenient arrangement of passenger seats and footboards;
  • small speed and low patency.

Given that this technique is designed to travel around the city, the feedback of the owners is mostly positive.

Minsk c4 250 reviews

The result

Motorcycle "Minsk C4 250" took a worthy niche inits segment. Equipped with a good engine and an excellent braking system, it is best suited for everyday trips over short distances. Modern design, economy and traction engine will appeal not only to beginners, but also to experienced motorcyclists.