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Compact novelty for fans of Honda: Honda MSX125

Not so long ago, the motomir had the opportunityto familiarize with the next novelty of a lineup Honda. Honda MSX125 was released in 2013 and has already acquired a considerable army of admirers. The motorcycle turned out to be quick, economical, as it should be a real city dweller. However, this is how it was conceived.

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Design in a unique Honda style

Honda MSX125 received the engine fromsuper-popular model Wave. But the frame was assembled specifically for the novelty. A charismatic motor can be admired - it is on display for everyone. But there are elements of plating (plastic). Adds an inverted fork charm, a powerful headlamp and a seat in the style of motard. Wheels of 12 inches are not that big, but on this compact bike they look quite expressive and powerful.


If you are thinking about buying such a motorcycle, do not expect miracles technically. The characteristics are rather low-key. But despite its compact size, it's still Honda.

Honda MSX125 is equipped with a compact single-cylinderengine in 125 cubes, which gives a power of only a dozen horsies. The injection of fuel is carried out with the help of an injector. The fuel tank holds 5.5 liters, which at a small expense is quite a lot.

Convenient option - LCD display, which reflects information about the operation of all systems and the level of fuel in the tank.

The brake system is represented by disc calipers with two pistons on the front wheel and one on the rear.

Behavior on the road

What will please the new Honda motorcycle on the road?

motorcycle honda msx125

Honda MSX125 has good for itsdimensions. In the management of this model is very obedient, so it is one of the most popular for those who are at the very beginning of the big biker way. With him, without difficulty and manage the girl.

This motorcycle was designed for the city. Compact dimensions make this model very attractive for those who are poisoned by the life of a cork.

Most owners note that the bike reacts to commands very quickly, and by maneuverability can be compared to much more advanced models of motorcycles.

Owner feedback

The motorcycle Honda MSX125 was originally produced inThailand, but the manufacturer immediately promised that it will be seen not only by the countries of Asia and the former CIS, but also by America and Europe. Today the model is quite popular all over the world.

Owners note that in the ratioprice / quality this model will give one hundred points ahead of many competitors. But some updates in the technical plan of this motorcycle certainly would not have prevented. As for design, it seems to many quite attractive.