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Replacement of rights

Since 1999, in our country the driverplastic rights are issued in accordance with European standards, in which his data are indicated - name, patronymic, surname, address, date and place of his birth, as well as the series and number of the license, the permitted category of driving. On this document there is also a stamp of the traffic police department, the signature of the owner, the term of its validity is also indicated there.

Replacement of rights requires a certain time,so it's better to take care of it beforehand so that, having encountered unplanned situations, do not stay for a while without a car, because driving with overdue documents is equated to driving a car without documents at all. And it is not necessary to do this on the very last day, when the expiration date of the certificate expires. Very many drivers undergo this procedure in advance, for several months, and even for a year, when they have free time.

According to the law, the replacement of rights must be madeOn the territory where the driver is registered, i.e. on the fact of stay or residence. To be engaged in an exchange it is necessary personally, "powers of attorney" in this case do not operate.

There are several reasons for sharing driver's licenses. Consider the most common of them.

The most common reason for the exchangedriver's license is his change to a new one. According to the current legislation, this document is issued for a period of ten years, and at the expiration of this period, the replacement of rights is necessary.

In this case, the driver in the traffic police department needswrite a statement with which to present your identity card, passport or identity card, which indicates registration, a medical certificate and one of its photocopies, a receipt for payment of the fee and two photos with the left corner.

Actually, the very replacement of rights, documents forthe implementation of which must be collected in advance, is carried out in two to three hours. At the same time, every driver should know that if he received his rights before January 1, 1992 in any republic of the former USSR, he must definitely pass a theoretical examination to the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate.

If for any reason the owner of the carwants to change his category of driving and get another, then he must collect the same package of documents. Today in our country new categories and subcategories have been introduced, for example C, which makes it possible to drive a car weighing not more than three and a half tons, CE and C1E with the same vehicle, but having a 750 kg trailer, etc.

In this case, the driver, other than the theoretical one,must pass and practical examination in the traffic police, and in the package of documents must be present exam card. The only exception is the category E: the necessary knowledge of the theory is not checked.

Replacement of rights when changing the owner's last name, and alsoin case of loss of the driver's license or its further unfitness, is carried out on the same principle. You just need to collect all the necessary documents, including certificates confirming that the owner has passed all the necessary examinations for this category, as well as evidence that proves the fact of changing the driver's data - name, patronymic or surname, and already contact them in relevant authorities.

At the same time, for those drivers who managedvehicle for the entire last year, the replacement of rights is made without passing the necessary examinations. You just need to provide the appropriate confirmation: a certificate from the place of work, where the registration number of the car and the number of the order for fixing it for the citizen will be indicated, or a certificate of registration and a coupon for the management of a private car.

For each new driver's license, a new coupon is issued, in which all the data on previously committed offenses are recorded.

Replacement of rights is an obligatory procedure, so do not postpone it for later.